Since its founding the law firm of TOFT FRICKE RECHTSANWÄLTE has established a varied base of international and domestic business clients, who appreciate our emphasis on cost-efficiency and imagination in dealing with today’s complex and often cross-border legal issues.

Regional medium-sized companies as well as world market leaders in areas including ISP, IT service, advertising and general consumer products have entrusted us with their legal needs. We have cultivated and grown these relationships through a process of learning about the details of each client’s business.

In spite of recent changes in the international economic structure, doing business between countries is still challenging. TOFT FRICKE RECHTSANWÄLTE lawyers invest the time needed to insure that our resources go far beyond our own offices and include working relationships with renowned law firms in Europe and abroad.

We serve private clients especially in the areas of labor, banking, real estate and estate, trust and succession law. Our firm’s expertise includes litigation, arbitration and mediation proceedings.

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